What we do...

We work with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the introduction of properties, whether new construction units or resale we've got you covered. We're connected like no other, from Lawyers to Home Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers you name it. You'll never feel left alone we're always available and if your selected Realtor isn't available another will be glad to fill in.


We work with local Developers and Cooperate with fellow Realtors through the Multiple listing service. We deal with every aspect of the business

  • - House Sales
  • - Condominium Sales
  • - New Condominium Sales
  • - Commercial Real Estate


We live and breathe real estate in our respective neighbourhoods, with decades of experience and exposure to the changes taking place we can provide you with depth of the local markets. From simple condo purchases to commercial development we look forward to working with you.

Meet the East Side

Paul McDonald - Sales Representative

Hi there and welcome to my profile. My name is Paul McDonald and I have been active in the Toronto real estate community since 2003. My experience is vast, having facilitated just about every form of real estate purchase, from simple condo sales to condominium developments. My core business is residential real estate, promoting and selling properties located in the lower east side of Toronto. In addition to my experience I’d like to share with you my knowledge of the development taking place here in the east side. This quadrant is booming and soon to be the most advance section of the city.

Real Estate Homeward, Brokerage

Nancy Nicholls - Sales Representative

Whether it’s selling or buying a home, I can help make it a smooth and easy process. My professional work ethic, negotiating skills and calm approach make every transaction a win-win situation. That’s why the cornerstone of my business is built on trust, integrity, knowledge, and instilling a sense of confidence in my clients.

Union Realty, Brokerage

Ken McDonald - Sales Representative

You’ll feel safe working with me as I place in the top 1% of all agents nationwide. I love this career because I love empowering people. I believe it’s my role to empower my clients with knowledge and insight so they can choose the best real estate options for themselves. My success is based on referrals, and my referrals are solely based on delivering exceptional results. If you wish to know how well my approach works, please go online and read my google reviews.

RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage

Welcome to TheEastSide.ca, a real estate consortium. We’re a group of real estate entities sharing our resources, collaborating and focusing our efforts on the real estate communities of the lower east side of Toronto. Here you will find valuable information pertaining neighbourhoods, developers, buildings, housing stock, upcoming projects and current local real estate.


Built on morals we want our clients and anyone who does business with us to be happy. With our decades of experience we know what we’re talking about and have witnessed market fluctuations and realize there’s no perfect time to buy real estate. The real estate market is like the stock market, only it’s a tangible asset one that offers you shelter, quality of life, a place to raise your family, a place to be proud of…a home. Whether it’s a Condominium, house or a building project we’ve got you covered.

While many Realtors put all the emphasis on themselves shouldn’t they be thinking about the people they represent? After all if it wasn’t for their clients where would they be? When you work with our group we educate you and make you aware of what you’re buying, most people already start with a game plan but is it sound? Do you know your neighbourhood of choice or are you interested in it based on a recommendation? Working with a local Realtor just makes sense because they live/work in these neighbourhoods, perhaps maybe they’re biased but at least this is what they believe in, so you know what you’re buying and if you’re selling you'll have your biggest advocate in the business, doesn’t that sound great?


This city has been held back for too long, it’s hard to imagine but more than half of the skyscrapers in this city weren’t here just 10 years ago. As of 2016 we’re the 4th largest city in North America, with 2,731,571 core residents and 5,928,040 people in the Greater Toronto Area (2016 figures as per Wikipedia) we’re clearly growing faster than we can handle.

The neighbourhoods haven’t always been so robust and now there have been many new additions formed over the years on decommissioned land. With an amalgamation that took place effective January 1st, 1998 many of the neighbouring boroughs have been forgotten and the term ‘Megacity’ seems rather fitting. A lot of these new communities reside in Corktown, the Portlands, the east harbourfront and not to mention the ‘West Don Lands’ (although it’s in the east). Along with the new developments an older well known community that provides us a nice example of change is the Distillery District. Did you know the now ‘Distillery District’ previously owned by Gooderham and Worts (which at one point was the largest Whisky distillery in the world) sat vacant for easily over 30 years before it became a community? This is just one example of the changes taking place in the east part of Toronto. With all the new developments taking place we’re on top of it because we’re passionate about it, the changes that are taking place are without a doubt the most advanced in Canadian history. Need I say Quay Side? “Hey Google?!”


Why work with us? Well, the question should be why not? Although we’re not historians it’s fun to watch this city grow and when you’re passionate about what you do the rest comes easy. Our roots are planted here, we love this city and we just so happen to sell real estate. Having witnessed the changes and staying on top of development trends we have an edge on the forever changing real estate market in the east side of Toronto. With a mutual goal in mind and many resources in the communities we represent, combined with decades of experience selling real estate I’m sure we’re more than fit for the job. If you want a Real Estate team that can offer you depth in the local market we’d love to hear from you.